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Microsoft Office App: The Underrated Application You Need

I’ve seen the icon for the Office App on my iPhone for a few years now but have never really explored what it is and why it exists. A few weeks ago, I decided to fire it up to see what it is about. I’m very happy I did. What I found was a dashboard that is pretty similar to the web page. A dashboard that provides access to all the files I own which are intuitively organized by source.

Document Sources: Storage account sources can include OneDrive, SharePoint, Local Device, Dropbox, Box, and many others. Document sources are connected through the “Add Storage Account” section. Another cool thing is that document sources are also connected to your Outlook app. Any files shared with you as attachments in Outlook will also be available through this portal.

Search and Filter: At the top of the application is a search field and filter menu. You can quickly filter your documents based on the application they belong to (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or search for documents based on text in the search field.

Sticky Notes: Microsoft Sticky Notes has been around for a while now, but it was not until I started using the Office App that I started using them. It was first introduced in Office 97 and since then it has evolved into a powerful tool that can be used for taking notes, making to-do lists, and even creating simple drawings. Sticky Notes will automatically synchronize between your Windows Desktop, Outlook, and of course, the Microsoft App. Sticky Notes on your iPhone can be shared using the standard features of the iPhone. For example, if you have a to-do list in Sticky Notes it can be shared as a text message through my iPhone. Sticky Notes on the Office App are super easy to see and manage.

Quick Capture: Displayed prominently in the bottom right-hand corner of the Office App is the Quick Capture button. This button can be used to quickly start a new Note, scan a document, or create a new Voice memo. It also allows you to create new documents using any of the other Office 365 applications you have installed on your device.

The ability to scan in the Office App is powerful. You can choose the Scan button and it will allow you to do multiple things. You can choose a picture from your phone and scan it to convert its text to a format you can copy and paste into another document. You can also launch a new Word document and choose Scan as the source. Likewise, you can launch Excel and select Scan as a source. Tables you scan with your phone will be converted to tables in Excel.

The Office App is a powerful, underrated application that every Office 365 user should take advantage of. It provides quick and easy access to all your documents, sticky notes, and more. The Quick Capture feature is especially useful for quickly creating new notes or documents on the go. If you’re not using the Office App, you’re missing out on a great tool.

In this blog post, I focused on the iPhone version of this app. However, this app is available on the web, on Windows desktop, Macintosh OS, and Android.

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